Update 4.2.2018.15

Walls (SRV and WPJ) Import

SRV and WPJ files generated for Walls can be opened directly in Ariane. Those file formats support a lot of different options. Only the most common have been implemented for the moment. If you need different formats let us know!

MNemo Import changed

All the import options ( Direction and depth variation type) have been added to the import window of MNemo.

Big Data

An accelerated display and calculation mode ( Big Data) has been added to optimize display and manipulation of big files ( >5000 stations)

Auto Correct incoherent data

When imported data has incoherent length/depth variation an autocorrection feature has been added.


  • The license information could get lost on Mac OSX.

Update 4.2.2018.11

UTM Conversion tool

A UTM conversion tool has been added to the DataWizard

Anonymize Tool

A tool to make your file anonymous ( removing comments,dates and names) has been added in Data Tools


  • Showing/Hiding Cartography display Layer was not working
  • When relinking two stations, inconsistent scenario could crash the app.

Update 4.2.2018.8


The software has been moved to the latest version of Oracle Java (v10.0.1)


  • Undo in cartography was flattening layers for Overlays.
  • The export of Compass DAT was erroneous on Mac OS X
  • When data was filtered and didn't contain a START the profile would not be displayed correctly

Update 4.2.2018.6

KML Export

The wall if defined gets exported in the KML file.

3D View

A horizontal plan as well as a dropped shadow can be activated to make the 3D display of the cave more readable.

Data Wizard

In the Data Wizard the user has the possibility to right click a Data line and remove it from the table. This is particularly useful for MNemo import with markers or faulty shots.

What's new Panel

When the software is updated a panel with the info about the modification is displayed. It can be hidden by clicking on the close button next to the Tab Title.


  • Profile calculation was erroneous for certain end of lines.
  • When a survey with MNemo was interrupted because battery was empty, the software could not import the data nor any following it.