Intuitive Stick Map Building

Thanks to its intuitive interface, Ariane Live allows you to quickly enter your data and visualize the resulting stick map directly on the satellite map !

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Precise 3D profile modeling

Angular profile description allows you to describe the profiles with a high level of precision and flexibility and export the resulting 3D cave model

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Ariane runs on Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows and Linux and is backward compatible with Ariane Live and Ariane 2.1

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Fast cave line survey

With MNemo you'll be in measure to survey the cave line at the same speed you would normally swim in the cave.

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Less then 2% error on loops

Thanks to its accurate measurements of depth, azimuth and line length, you can expect loop error closure well below 2%.

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Direct integration in Ariane

The data collectd with MNemo can be integrated directly in Ariane survey software or exported in an Excel sheet to be used in any other survey software

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Update 3.0.170920.3

published on 4th oct. 2017
This update includes a lot of improvements for the 3D rendering of the cave profiles as well as the import of MNemo data. Screen shots are now of higher resolution with an integrated scale allowing you to print on scale maps directly from the app. An import function for Visual Topo files has been included.

MNemo firmware 45 released

published on 4th oct. 2017
This update includes :
  • Automatic length calibration procedure
  • Warning displayed when stabilization is not respected
  • Depth gauge mode
  • LCD Fail Safe for deep dive
  • Flickering speed diminished to clearly identify when the wheel is spinning or not.