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A new approach to cave survey !

This is Ariane v3 !


Intuitive Stick Map Building

Thanks to its intuitive interface, Ariane Live allows you to quickly enter your data and visualize the resulting stick map directly on the satellite map !

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Precise 3D profile modeling

Angular profile description allows you to describe the profiles with a high level of precision and flexibility and export the resulting 3D cave model

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Ariane runs on Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows and Linux and is backward compatible with Ariane Live and Ariane 2.1

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Update 3.0.151008.3

published on 9.10.2015
In this update we are getting rid of some bugs and integrating a fully parallel display engine. Use the Cave Demo Builder to generate some random caves and test Ariane under heavy load (up to 25000 stations for 8+ cores systems).

Ariane v3 Released

published on 28.09.2015
This is it ! After half a year of work, the new version of Ariane is here ! Thanks to all those who contributed to its developpement and testing. It's time to start working on version 4, it will have a full featured vectoriel drawing tool set so you can design your nicest cartography directly in Ariane. See you next year for version 4 !

Ariane v3 Release Candidate

published on 07.09.2015
Introducing the futur version of Ariane, give it a try ! Final version will be released on 25/09/2015.

Ariane Live updated 1.3.111

published on 17.06.2015
This is a Service Release: Libraries have been updated, a bug in the calculation of the error in a connection has been corrected.
An option to display/hide the map scale has been added, this will reflect in the print and screen capture
The software will also search longer for an internet connection to avoid falling in Offline Mode

Ariane Live updated 1.3.104

Visualize Ariane projects on your Iphone, Android and most of your devices with the new HTML5+Javascript export capabilities.

Demo File ยป

On top of links, images and Rich text you can now also attach videos to your projects.

Ariane Live updated 1.2.95

Attach links, images and rich text to the stations of your projects, that's what's new in Ariane Live.

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Ariane Live updated 1.1.79

Ariane live no longer requires to be connected to internet to work. Take ariane live with you to your most remote explorations ! (Offline Mode does not apply to trial version)

Ariane Live updated 1.0.69

Minor bug correction. Section Wizard data entry mode made coherent with Ariane 2.1

Ariane Live updated 1.0.64

Ariane Live can now generate Reports and export KMZ files. GUI improvement.

Ariane Live updated 1.0.55

Data Validation improvement in the Section Wizard. KML Export is now working on Mac. New cursor to control map Zoom.

Ariane Live updated 1.0.48

Maps can now be exported as SVG, allowing easy integration as high quality vectorial drawing in your html5 website.

Ariane Live in Africa !

The DRSS ( Dominican Republic Speleological Society ) is using Ariane Live for its current exploration expedition in Africa.

Ariane Live updated 1.0.44

A profile view showing the depth/penetration distance has been added.